Adrian Peterson cooks and other stuff that will (hopefully) make you laugh.

Happy Wednesday!

I have a pretty lofty goal for them month of July. I want to write a post every day this month. I’ve never done it (because I’m lazy), so that just makes me even more determined. With that goal, I must make more changes. To write a post every day for 31 days, I realized I’m gonna have to be a little bit more loose with my post. You down with that? This means if they’re isn’t news, I’m gonna make some… or I’ll ramble on about Vikings related stuff (hopefully).

With that said, here’s one of the post where I’m making news. HEY LOOK WHAT I FOUND WITHIN 30 SECONDS OF BEING ON THE INTERNET!


Not only is Adrian Peterson a full-time beast, but he cooks too! Does anyone else notice his duck lips, and the fact there is nothing on the grill?

After digging through Twitter a little more, I found the face Brian Robison gives his opponents.



If only you were able to take giant fish on the field. Football would be so much more great.

This video is from a month ago, but I wanted to share it anyway. It won’t make you laugh, but it will make you smile.


AHHH! That just made me think even highly of Teddy Bridgewater. He truly does represent the American Dream. I also had no idea Escalades had so many different shades of pink.

That’s all I have for you today. Are you into the style of this post. Is it yeah or meh?

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