I’ve noticed something over the last few weeks. Something that I kind of find scary. The devotion to Teddy Bridgewater is becoming unhealthily high. Bridgewater has never even played in a regular season NFL game, yet some are tearing apart other Vikings fans who say something the least bit negative about him.

Go back one year ago. Everybody that loved the Vikings was a Vikings fan. We were one. A united group of people who shared the same interest. Flash forward to current day, and we’ve made minorities out of this united group that bleeds purple. I will admit, there has always been minorities with Vikings fans. An example is Christian Ponder supports in 2014. Yes, they exist (I KNOW ITS SCARY. I HAVE NIGHTMARES PONDER SUPPORTERS WILL COME AND GET ME!) but they are rare so it makes them a minority. Even though Ponder supporters aren’t common, they’re still considered Vikings fans.

Going back to my point, if anybody says something the least bit negative about Teddy Bridgewater you are set in a minority. But this minority isn’t like Ponder supporters. When I went on a forum about Teddy Bridgewater’s ability to play, many posts are usually the same. “If you aren’t a fan of Teddy Bridgewater, you aren’t a fan of the Vikings.”

WHAT!?! These minorities who question Bridgewater, are so harshly treated they aren’t even Vikings fans any more? I saw another thread of comments on Facebook that was even more disturbing. Somebody said they were a fan of Bridgewater and saw huge potential in him but didn’t like how he played in the first preseason game last week. This thread had a 150 comments ripping this person apart and knit picking every word he said.

Debates used to be about expressing each others opposing opinions, and explaining why you think the way you do. When this person said his thoughts on Saturdays game against the Raiders, he was being attacked on a personal level. Since when can we not have a good debate without it getting heated?

The devotion to Teddy Bridgewater is so strong. It begs the question: What will happen if Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t work out? The modern belief is that Teddy Bridgewater can’t fail, he won’t fail, it is impossible for Teddy Bridgewater to fail.

But what if he’s a bust? How will Vikings fans react when they’re pride and joy isn’t what they expected? Notice how I said expected. Nobody knows how he will play in a real NFL game. It’s all what we are expecting him to do. We have no concrete proof he won’t be the next Christian Ponder.

Even lately, Bridgewater has been struggling in practices, and throwing more interceptions. Many of these hardcore fans of Bridgewater dismiss this news easily and say it was just “practice”.

The truth is, we have no idea how good Teddy Bridgewater truly is. We’ve only seen a snippet of him in a preseason game, and some shaky practices. He had some great throws in the Raiders game, but not enough to prove he is NFL ready.

But what one year from now he isn’t ready? What if he’s the starter next season but fails to win us games? I’m scared (ok, not really) to see how fans react to yet another failure at QB, especially when they were so hopeful.

“Failure is good as long as it doesn’t become a habit.”  -Michael Eisner

Photo above by Matthew Deery.

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  1. soups4u

    he is a black QB, and the media culture will not allow you to say bad things about a black qb. Nonwhites are the cheap labor tools of Capital and are therefore protected.

    That guidance from the elite leads little tinpot dictators (like the moderators at purple thoughts to persecute those who violate the rules of political correctness.

    • DBE

      I hear people in the media say Bridgewater isn’t going to be a good QB on a daily basis. Do you ever watch ESPN? Thin knees, slight build, not accurate, and not vocal enough to be a good leader. Open your ears. There is no conspiracy. Fans are simply praying he isn’t a Ponder repeat. Some of the media is already labelling him a bust.

  2. Johnny Nonsense

    I’m seeing quite a few fans making derogatory statements – personal attacks – against players simply because they wish there were a better player in their position. C Ponder, C Johnson, C Greenway for example. Those kinds of attacks are unacceptable. Many of those same people will also attack fans who register approval of the players they so revile. Not acceptable, but at least we have the option of avoiding the forums, or to just consider such people no different than a speck of lint to brush off one’s shoulder.

    Now, regarding sports journalists. We’ve seen countless examples of writers and TV commentators making outrageous statements because it creates better soap opera. A story that people will link to. It’s the whole reason why people like Skip Bayless are so popular. It’s even seen on teeny tiny pro football forums. It’s the professional wrestling of football. And that’s probably why most people are unconcerned about personal attacks against sports journalists – the industry seems to invite it. It’s like getting mad at The Undertaker for hitting Hulk Hogan from behind.

    • Cole

      You make good points. It’s definitely not ok for fans to make personal attacks to players or fans of the players. If they don’t like that Christian Ponder starts a game, then they can be a fan of a different team rather than rage.

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